Q: Why are surveys so expensive?

A: It may not be readily apparent but from start to finish, the average time I spend on one survey is about 20 - 25 hours. If you break down using an average of my survey fees, I make about $50.00 an hour. Additionally, as a member of The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS®), I'm required to complete yearly continuing education which is quite expensive. I also have subscriptions to several websites that are required in order to appraise vessels, and those subscriptions total in excess of $1,000 a year. I also have vehicle maintenance costs and many of my tools are consumable and require replacement every year. Basically, surveys cost what they do because surveying, as a profession, is an expensive endeavor.

Q: Do you quote by the foot?

A: I do use that as a basis for a quote, but it isn't the total of the quote. I also calculate travel, tolls, parking, and administrative fees into my quotes. So to answer the question, I quote by the job as a whole.

Q: Why should I choose you as my surveyor?

A: Most of my clients simply value the customer service I provide. They also appreciate my demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile. Many of the people who hire me are first time boat owners who choose me because of my background in the U.S. Coast Guard and my extensive experience, which very few people have. I am skilled and knowledgeable in my craft. My focus is on doing the most thorough survey I can each and every time and ultimately my client's satisfaction is paramount. I am obviously biased, but I feel like I'm the best person you could bring on as a part of your team when purchasing a yacht.